Posted by: sifu2b | June 28, 2008

Windows Vista failed to boot

A sudden error anticipated. Vista error status : 0Xc000000f. At first I have no idea what it was, so out of frustation, I google for Oxc000000f. Found a few suggested solution:

1. Use Vista CD and follow repair procedures. Unfortunately, I don’t have the CD. My NB came with recovery partition.

2. Find winload.exe files from windows\system32\boot folder and copy to system32 folder to overwrites the corrupted files. Here is the appropriate steps:

a. run command prompt

b. type the followings :

copy c:\windows\system32\boot\winload.exe c:\windows\system32\

3. Download Vista_Recovery_Disc_x86.iso

Will try it out soon.



  1. Tips 1 is out of the question.
    I try solution no.2 and 3, but unfortunately, both failed to enable it.

    So, I have no choice but to restore vista fully using recovery copy from second partition and decided to reinstall factory system.

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