Posted by: sifu2b | July 11, 2008

UBCD for Windows – No more regret

It’s been quite sometimes that I use BartPE. I did create a Windows XP CD using bartPE (version 3.11a) before, but it’s no longer updated. It’s useful when things were out of hand like virus(es) attack or partitioning, etc. Now I’m trying out UBCD for Windows which use the same bartpebuilder but with added free or opensource softwares. I have problem downloading last few days. The file downloaded were corrupted for unknown reason. I have to redownload yesterday at home and this time it’s okay. MD5 Checker confirms it.

However, I do face a problem installing this tools. The main file, ubcdwinbuilder.exe were missing. Checking the forum, found the solution, I disable temporarily antivirus applications. I use AVG8 free edition.

What I did was, exit AVG, then go to administrative tools, services and disable 2 avg services. Only then the installation of ubcdwin ran smoothly. I believe it is a great tools.


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