Posted by: sifu2b | July 14, 2008

I use Journal for Teaching

Usually (but sometimes) I will use Powerpoint during economics classes to show curves and related materials. Now I’m experimenting with Windows Journal that came with tablet pc. My hand a bit shaky drawing a curves while explaining to the Form Sixth students. You know why, I have to stand and draw at the tablets. And I use tablet pc mode. Quite uncomfortable. Since last 2 weeks, I’ve struggle with it. But last week, I’ve decided, if I want to draw any diagram, I better sit and instead of using tablet mode, I just settle with using my PEN while my left-hand hold the monitor. Not a good way of doing things, but the least I can do.

My real frustration though, is how can I use this notebook in tablet mode while the LCD projected clone mode not rotated with my tabletpc. You know what I mean? Everytime we use tablet mode, our display will rotate to 90. I push once so that it rotate 180 degrees. The problem is, the screen is now upside down. Anyone knows how to force the lcd projector to display normal (meaning-no rotation screen) while I use the tablet mode. The lcd projector at school is EPSON EMP-750.

Any suggestion will do, I appreciated it.


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