Posted by: sifu2b | August 3, 2008

Free Software for your Tablet PC

Do you like you tablet pc so far? I do.

Now would you like to know how to enhance your tablets experience with free softwares? I knew you would.

One of the best features available on tablet-based OS like Windows XP Tablet PC edition and Windows Vista, is the INK. Yes I love wasting an ink.  With digital ink, you can write naturally (almost) on the screen and save it in Windows Journal, or Sticky Notes or GoBinder lite edition.

There is another one, writing on our DESKTOP.It is called an Ink Desktop. It’s like having a portable dry-erase board on your screen all of the time. Whenever you want, you can jot down a phone number, directions, or top priorities for the day.To enable this features in Vista, download Microsoft Ink Desktop for Windows Vista from here. Found a directlink is here (chinese only).

For Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 user, you can add similar features and more by downloading Experience Pack from Microsoft or directlink here (english version).

Experience Pack includes six programs for productivity and media management. Snipping Tool is really useful tools. Not to mentioned Ink Desktop for WinXP, which lets you write notes directly on your desktop.

There is another good package for teachers and students. It’s the Microsoft Education Pack has five programs designed for both. If you are a math teacher, for example, working hard using microsoft equation editor in MSWord, then by all means find a replacement. By simply writing the formula in the Equation Writer, your handwritten formula will then be converted to math equations for you to copy-paste to Word.

Microsoft offers a handful of applets, called Power Toys, for tablets including a dictionary tool, a Web search tool, a calculator, and a font creation tool.

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  1. Great info. It sounds like you’re enjoying your tablet. Here’s a blog post with more info about apps (mostly free) that I’ve found really useful on a tablet: .

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