Throughout this blog, I hope I can share my (new) experience in using convertible notebook. This is my second notebook. The first one, Acer Aspire 1680 series. It just die last month. Need new notebook, so  while do a windows shopping, I came across with this beautiful tablet pc. I can’t resist on testing it. Ouch, it’s a touch screen. No way! OMG, got a pen too! In short, I was amazed with this model, partly due to the lowest prices tag. Can’t believe a tablet pc, convertible notebook, with soo damn cheap, RM2999. The last time I remember dreaming of owning a tablet pc 4 years ago, the cheapest was RM7000+. My budget was RM2500 or below, but for this new toy, I’m more than willing to spend some more.

So, now I’m the proud owner of HP Pavilion tx2032au notebook cum tablet pc. I’m a secondary school teacher in Sabah, currently teaching Accounting Principles and Economics. Thinking of how I can use my NB to it’s optimum potential, I can’t deny myself feeling lucky. Let just hope that’ll last for at least 3 years or more.

I may from time to time tweak or do something else. But wait. Instead of just keeping it to myself, the joy of tweaking and using my new NB, I may just blog it out for the rest to read. Who knows I might be useful too. Since you’re reading this, you already found me.

Welcome to my tx2032au blog.


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